Tuesday 29 March 2011

Result Of Product Trial - Bliss Fat Girl Slim

28 days ago I started using Fat Girl Slim from Bliss - The original post can be found here 

28 days later..

I have read the effects of Caffeine on cellulite, and I am pretty sure it was Cindy Crawford that famously said that she rubbed coffee granules into her skin so this attracted me to the product.

In my original post I did say that I wasn't keen on the name and it still hasn't grown on me. It suggests that a fat girl can become slim by using the cream which we know is just not true.

Scent - I like the smell, I find it strangely appealing. Readers of the blog know that smell is very important to me and whether I will like a product and continue to use it.

Texture - This is described as a cream but I find that it is a lot more watery and more of a gel consistency. Quite a few times I had to pick it up from the floor as it had slid off my hands. I once sent off for a lotion advertised on a Special K packet that was designed to reduce cellulite (wracking my brains to remember which company it was from) that was of an identical texture

Amount - This is an issue I have with most products like this - the results that are cited in  my original post do not mention how much of the product was used and nowhere on the packaging or instructions does it say how much to use either, so I guessed. I have almost finished my tub.

Frequency - I must admit most body moisturisers I own last forever as I find it quite monotonous to apply... The instructions say to rub this cream in twice a day to the problem area for 20-30 seconds  which I made sure I did.

I chose to apply to my back upper thigh area. The area feels lovely and smooth and has done so pretty much after a few days of usage, to the extent that it feels significantly different to the rest of my leg! The cream has a lovely cooling sensation when applied and once it has been rubbed in for 30 seconds it has dried.

I took before and after photos so I could see the difference for myself. It has reduced the appearance of the cellulite quite significantly. Although, perhaps I was expecting miracles and for it to have disappeared!. However, I personally feel £25 a month does seem quite a lot to maintain this appearance, particularly as I chose to apply it to a small area!

Will you be trying this cellulite cream ?

Fat girl slim costs £25


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