Saturday 5 March 2011

My Lovely New Compact Mirror!

I have been looking for the perfect compact mirror for some time and now I have found it ..

I am in love dear readers .

It may not be the tiniest of items but it is surprisingly light and slim. It is small enough to fit in the palm of my hand but big enough to be of real use as a mirror. For so long I have used my phone as a mirror but now I  am proud to bring this out.

The make is Model Mirror. This design is available exclusively to House of Fraser stores in their wonderful Apothecary Section. It features 8 battery powered LED's and resembles a dressing room mirror  - so cute.

I think the black with gold lips design (called Good as Gold) is really sleek although it comes in 3 other exclusive designs. The lights come on with a push of a button on the side, but you can use it without the lights if you prefer. The best way to use it is to shine the lights on your face while looking into the bottom mirror. The top mirror has a 2x magnification, scary stuff haha.

It comes in a beautifully soft Chamois Leather pouch that protects it from being scratched in your handbag and also cleans it!

My 'Model Mirror' costs £22, the other designs cost £19.

Battery included.

What do you think? Great gift idea?


  1. Ok 3rd time lucky trying to comment!
    I LOVE it sooooo much!!
    I have no use for a separate mirror as I always have a powder compact with mirror in my bag!

  2. its soo adorable and i want it, but to be honest I really dont need a new one :( sadtimes x

  3. Its adorable! How cute :-)

  4. I've seen this around for a long time and have always been tempted but haven't made a purchase yet. My mirror has broken recently so I might just check it out.


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