Monday 10 January 2011

Protect Your Hands (+ win a £5,000 holiday)

Beauty doesn't start or end at your face. There are lots of treatments and even surgical procedures available to make our face look younger, but your hands can and will give away your real age, especially if you don't look after them.

I mentioned this week that I am quite lucky to have hands that are rarely dry / flaky or cracked, although I do like to use a hand cream to keep them beautifully moisturised and soft. As I wrote in that post, the only time they feel horribly tight and dry is when I don't wear gloves to do the washing up.

I thought in this post I would share with you my favourite choice of gloves...

bizzybee multipurpose extra durable gloves

I love these because they come in my favourite colour  - two tone purple. They also have a raised grip which I find really useful when washing up as the dishes don't slip out of my hands. Another major plus point is that these gloves are available in a small size - you all know I have small hands right? Surprisingly, small gloves are quite hard to find in the supermarkets!

As I also write about pretty things I would like to mention my other favourite item from bizzybee - their glamorous scourers!!

These are really pretty and make cleaning fun - who would have thought? I love that they shimmer like glitter and that they are silvery pink. (Although I admit it - my husband might not use them)

Here is a picture of some of their product range. I like the cute packaging and there is something for everyone. My mum loves the Satin Touch unlined gloves as she cannot use gloves with flock lining.

bizzybee gloves are available in most supermarkets - for more information about the range and stockists you can visit

bizzybee are also currently running a competition to win a £5,000 Thomas Cook holiday. Full details are here.

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  1. Oooh, those gloves are a fab colour! Never seen them before, must see if I can get some - yellow is sooo boring!


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