Friday 21 January 2011

Lancome Ultra Lavande Spring 2011 Collection by Aaron De Mey

One Spring/Summer 2011 collection that has really caught my attention is this one from Lancome. It literally had me stopping in my tracks when I saw it at the counters - simply gorgeous and a few items that I really, REALLY want to possess. I felt it only right that I shared the loveliness with you of my favourite bits from the collection

OMBRE MAGNETIQUE - Spectacular Sparkle Long Wear Eye Shadow in Disco Gold £23.50
OMBRE MAGNETIQUE - Spectacular Sparkle Long Wear Eye Shadow in Ultra Lavande £23.50

Colour Fever Gloss in Rose Ballerine  £18

Butterflies Fever Mineral Blusher £32

Stunning Spring colours don't you think? The blusher is a versatile product that you can mix for a healthy flush of colour. Use the pink shade for a rosy flush, the beige shade for sculpting and the Lavande shade to balance complexion.

What do you think of this range, have you seen it in the flesh, which items are you coveting ?


  1. I wrote post about this collection a few days ago.
    I love the colours.

  2. That blusher is a piece of art! x


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