Thursday 13 April 2017

Flash Fiction - Never Too Late

A 100 word story based on this picture prompt

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Never Too Late

Alan gazed forlornly at his four cheese pizza and bottle of red and sighed, stood up again. Online dating was not going well. Pizza was his favourite meal, the red wine he had been saving for a special occasion. The search for love would continue tomorrow, tonight he would enjoy the feast.

Devouring his pizza, he was rather annoyed when the doorbell rang. He stomped to the door, oil dripping down his chin. His annoyance turned to delight at the visitor before him. She had come after all.

‘Hope I am not too late?’

He grinned ‘I’ll grab my coat’

Hope you enjoyed it!
Bettina x

With thanks to Rochelle for another great picture prompt - if you wish read more stories using this prompt - click here 


  1. Dear Bettina,

    I love a happy ending. Nicely done.



  2. Great Bettina! The online dating theme goes perfectly with the cheese pizza & wine :-) Great idea. Hope the date goes well!

  3. Saved by the bell. :) Nice tale so far.

  4. Good luck Alan... I hope he remembered to wipe his chin? Enjoyed!!

  5. That was fun... Hope he takes her somewhere with "light" food


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