Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Flash Fiction - A Lucky Escape

This week's 100 word story using the following picture prompt

A Lucky Escape

A beautiful bicycle, had to belong to a lady. White and red, attached to the front a pretty wicker basket. I admired it from my bus as I passed it every day.  Imagining it was mine, what would I use it for? Romantic country rides with my beloved? Ambling to work on my regular commute? Of course this was all wistful thinking, I had never learnt to ride a bike, never even sat on one. Until one day the bike wasn’t in its usual spot. The bike a mangled mess, the woman sprawled on the ground, hit by the bus. 

Hope you enjoyed it!
Bettina x

With thanks to Rochelle for another great picture prompt - if you wish to read more stories using this prompt - click here 


  1. Dear Bettina,

    That had a twisted ending in the most literal sense. Be careful what you wish for. Nicely done.



  2. What a tragic and unexpected end. Great stuff.

  3. Don't know if enjoyed it is the right word, but really liked your writing, great take on the prompt.

  4. When we keep on dreaming and not doing, the opportunities might get crushed before we get a real chance. Ouch.

  5. Interesting ending Hope she syrvived! Whenyou said "until the day..." I thought the narrator was going to snitch the bike and go for a spin.

  6. Took us right up the garden path and then bang...superbly written.

  7. Great twist at the end there. Well done.
    xx Rowena

  8. That went "downhill" quickly :) nice "twist" at the end

  9. Tragic but so well written.

  10. What a sad and tragic end. Nice spin on it. Well done.

  11. Sad ending. I like the "imagine" before and the hit of reality.

  12. Sometimes we wish for things we don't really understand. That poor woman.


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