Thursday 19 January 2017

Breakfast Face Masks 3 x 10ml - Review

This pack of face masks were sent to me along with my Alpro Dairy Alternative Goodies and I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised at how nice and effective they are!

There are 3 face masks in the pack and I have got two applications in each so six face masks if you think of it that way...

Yoghurt - This is a smooth(ie) mask and smells so delicious and a little bit like a vanilla yoghurt. It's nice and creamy to apply. The result is gorgeously soft and silky skin, skin feels hydrated and looks bright and clear. I was surprised actually as this is such a gentle mask.

Coffee - Another great smelling mask that has a wonderful, light coffee aroma - oh my! Once again this is a smooth, creamy mask and works in exactly the same way as the yoghurt version. Good results. It cleans out pores without you even realising.

Oatty - This mask contains bits so it is gritty but not overly so, just a great scrub feel when you rinse it off. A nice smell like the other two. It leaves skin super soft and clear.

All in all, these are so gentle, effective and such a pleasure to use.

Breakfast Face Masks are available from Asos, Prezzybox and various online sites at around £6


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