Friday 4 November 2016

Dairy Free Drinks From Alpro

I was recently sent some Alpro dairy free products to try and I am excited to share my thoughts with you all...

As a household we have been buying Alpro Almond Milk (unsweetened) for quite a while now as my husband is dairy intolerant. I have liked that as an alternative to dairy in my cereal, it has a nice nutty taste. Last year I used it to make a Hot Chocolate and was hooked, I actually prefer it to using milk and now won't drink homemade hot chocolate any other way. Give it a try!

Alpro Oat Original - I have loved having this this week... first of all I just enjoyed it as a straight drink, it is wonderfully creamy and terribly delicious, a nice rich oaty flavour. A lovely smooth drink. As I ran out of milk I also tried it with my cereal and it was a taste sensation. I would seriously consider switching to this and going dairy free. I honestly had no idea dairy free could be so tasty.

Alpro Coconut Original - The straight tasting coconut milk drink is wonderfully refreshing. The small carton perfect for on the go. Also fantastic to add into a dairy free smoothie.

Alpro Coconut Chocolate - For a low calorie drink this is a real treat. It allows you to satisfy that chocolate craving (almost!) guilt free. If you love Bounty Chocolate Bars you will LOVE this, it is like drinking a liquid Bounty Bar, insanely good! Inspired.

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