Friday 25 November 2016

Prismologie Skincare Reviewed

What a real treat it has been trying out and experiencing luxury skincare brand Prismologie. Created to inspire people to embrace the mood enhancing powers of colours, through six distinctive colours chosen for their unique qualities. I know it enhanced my mood when this splash of colour arrived through my letterbox!

The six colours are - White for Clarity, Yellow for Confidence, Pink for Comfort, Green for Serenity, Red for Vigour and Indigo for Stillness. Diamonds, Citrines, Rose Quartz, Jades, Rubies and Sapphires are crushed into the formulations for their wellbeing properties. Working with leading Perfumers they created fragrances that unfold to complement the colours - Neroli for Clarity, Bergamot for Confidence, Rose for Comfort, Vetiver for Serenity, Cedarwood for Vigour and Oud for Stillness. The result is some really quite stunning scents for the products.

But do they work?

I was sent the above products to try out and below are my thoughts

Prismologie Jade & Vetiver Hand Exfoliant 75ml £35

Prismologie say - A creamy gel, enriched with moisturising oils, fine exfoliants, jade micro-crystals and the serene scent of vetiver to cleanse, restore and refine working hands.

My thoughts 

This is a really gentle exfoliator that leaves hands feeling nourished (from the moisturising oils) super smooth and soft and beautifully cleansed. The scent is lovely and warming. Just gorgeous and a perfect base to apply your hand cream.

Prismologie Citrine and Bergamot Shower Gel 200ml £30 & Body Lotion £30

Prismologie say 

Shower Gel - A foaming gel with brightening mineral and botanical extracts, citrine micro-crystals and the refreshing scent of Bergamot to leave you feeling thoroughly cleansed and good to glow.

Body Lotion - A silky lotion infused with botanical oils, citrine extract and Bergamot fragrance to hydrate and awaken skin for a thoroughly radiant you.

My thoughts 

If you are looking for a bright and uplifting start to your morning then you will adore this sunny combination of Shower Gel and matching Body Lotion. The shower gel is just how you expect a shower gel to be and the Body Lotion is wonderfully light so it absorbs instantly leaving wonderfully soft skin. As ever the scent is fantastic, zesty but not overpowering.

Prismologie Hand and Cuticle Cream with Rose and Rose Quartz 75ml £30 

Prismologie say  - A sensuous cream enriched with botanical extracts, Rose Quartz micro-crystals and Rose fragrance to soothe and moisturise stressed hands

My thoughts 

I really like rose scented products but I am fussy, they cannot be that old lady rose scent that I think most people deplore, it has to be like a delicate flower. Happily for me this hand cream has a beautifully light and fresh rose scent that is just the perfect pick me up, it's more a like a hint of rose which I think will appeal to most people. The lotion is once again light but does the job of softening hands with just a small amount of product. 75ml will last you ages.

Prismologie Foot Cream with Oud and Sapphire 75ml £28

Prismologie say - A deeply moisturising cream with antioxidants, mood enhancing actives, Sapphire micro-crystals and Oud fragrance to help soothe your tired feet and leave skin soft and supple

My thoughts 

This is my favourite product in the whole range. Quite frankly the best smelling footcare product I have ever used. Usually foot creams are fragranced with lavender which is not a scent that personally appeals to me much, this product pleasingly does not contain it, hurrah!

I apply this as I go to bed and it gets to work. Moisturising for truly soft feet and calming, relaxing my mind, aiding sleep with its warm and musky Oud scent. Sublime.

Skin Care for mind & body, I love it!

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