Thursday 31 March 2016

The Third Trimester - Weeks 28-40 - Part 2

Weeks 28 -33 were pretty much unremarkable and similar to the latter stages of the first half of the Third Trimester.

My iron levels were found to be low after the 28 week blood test and I was taking Floradix but I found it was making me feel ill rather than energising me. I have since switched to taking SpaTone and what a difference it has made to how I feel and boosting my energy levels. I highly recommend it.

The baby bump is bigger and far more noticeable and so it should be as I am almost there!

I am trying to keep active by walking as much as I can but since week 33 the SPD pain has ramped up a bit and baby is still loving sitting/pushing against my bladder..

Since 35 weeks I have been experiencing really heavy legs without any swelling (I keep checking!). This has made walking quite an effort as it feels like I am dragging lead weights around. The baby is also very active but does like to wedge itself into painful positions, nothing really new there!

36 weeks - all the above still applies... My lovely school mum friends surprised me with cake and gifts - isn't the cake above just the cutest?! It tasted incredibly good too.

37 weeks - So baby is now deemed to be term and no longer premature, baby can come any day now!!

I have been measured for nursing bras, both baby and my hospital bags are ready - we just need to build the crib and we are ready for baby's arrival :)

38 weeks - Bump seems huge now! I really feel quite heavy.

I have also acquired puffy feet (oh the glamour!) Weighted legs are still a feature and walking any distance is incredibly uncomfortable.

There isn't much room in there now and the baby's movements are even stronger if that is even possible... I feel it stretching from my ribs right down to my bladder area. I have even had the baby push out something that feels quite bony out of my rib area, to the family's amusement.

At times it lays in a position that sends shooting pains down my legs and this can last for a good 15 minutes where I think that my hips are going to disengage from my legs, scary I can tell you.

The baby's room is painted, the drawers are in place and the crib is built... we are almost there!!

39 weeks - I am not going to lie, this week has been a struggle - the pressure building down below is quite something. The nightly toilet breaks are getting to be harder too, getting out of bed comfortably and walking is so painful. The pain sometimes just to turn over in bed has me biting my pillow, and this pain can go on for up to half an hour until baby decides to move...

A few days ago I felt regular pains and pressure and we all got excited to think it could be contractions but alas it wasn't labour - this has happened a fair few times now but it goes away after about an hour. It can happen a few times a day.

Bump seems lower now too, are things imminent?

Emotions - I have had a few crying spells, full on sobbing fests. Apparently this is completely normal as your hormones prepare for labour and is caused by a drop in progesterone.

40 weeks - Today is my due date with no sign of baby making an appearance... I guess I will be having an April baby afterall!!

Bettina x

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  1. Nearly there, I'm 39+1 weeks today and feeling much the same as yourself. Enjoy your last few days as much as possible, it will be all madness soon!


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