Friday 18 March 2016

Easter With Hotel Chocolat - Caramel Chocolate Scrambled Easter Egg

Think gorgeous and tasty Easter Eggs and Easter chocolate treats and I automatically head to Hotel Chocolat. In the past I have enjoyed Hotel Chocolat's deluxe egg Rocky Road To Caramel and my young son has had the Egg on Toast amongst others...

This year Hotel Chocolat invited me to choose an egg to review and as I have a real love of caramel tasting chocolate I chose the delightfully sounding Caramel Chocolate Scrambled Easter Egg 

It features one generously sized caramel chocolate Easter Egg and a packet of 6 bite size scrambled pralines - smooth praline encased in deliciously sweet caramel chocolate.

Unfortunately for me I made the mistake of showing my seven year old the Easter Egg and he asked (very nicely!) if we could have an early Easter...  Who am I to deny my little boy ... well it turns out he adores caramel chocolate and he pretty much devoured the Easter Egg, Hotel Chocolat you have a real fan of yours right here, he LOVED it! Declaring it yummy indeed. As it was a good size egg and fairly rich we did manage to eek the egg out over 3 days which I reckon is great value. I did manage to have a sneaky piece or too - oh by the way I must mention that allow the egg is hollow it is fairly strong, it took a fair few attempts to crack it!!

I ensured the pralines were safely ensconced in my possession so that I could enjoy them in peace with a cup of tea for elevenses once he was safely deposited in school. These taste every bit as good as they look. Crispy sweet caramel chocolate on the outside with a deliciously smooth praline inside, these are sophisticated and grown up, oh how I enjoyed my tea break :)

Well we were both completely sold on the Caramel Chocolate Scrambled Easter Egg and I think it is fabulous value and worth every penny at just £15. 

However, I recommend that you should definitely make a visit to a Hotel Chocolat near you or visit their website as there is a huge selection of Easter Eggs & Kiddie treats, something for every budget and taste.

Happy Easter!

*PR Sample


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