Thursday 2 July 2015

Summer Ready Feet in Five Easy Steps

Here is my guide to getting Summer ready feet in just five easy steps.

I must confess the idea of going to a salon and having a pedicure is not my idea of fun, I much prefer to do it in the comfort of my home and using these tools it takes just a few minutes.

  1. Soak feet.
  2. Trim nails, going in a straight line (if you have thicker, more problematic nails use *Boots          Pharmaceuticals Toe Nail Clippers (£8.49) these are just brilliant as I can vouch)
  3. Buff off hard skin from the soles of your feet - I like the Scholl Pedi Express which makes light work of it.
  4. Deeply moisturise those feet - I am currently loving *Boots Intensive Foot Softener 150ml (5.99). It smelly lovely (no lavender here!) and really softens skin leaving it silky soft and it heals cracked heals thanks to the ingredient UREA.
  5. Finally, choose a fabulously bright coloured nail polish and paint away! I hate waiting for polish to dry so I am using 60 Seconds Super Shine by Rita Ora for RimmelLondon in shade Bestival. One application is all you need for super shiny nails and it dries fast. Perfect!

Now dig out those sandals and show off those feet!

Nail polish - 60 Seconds Super Shine - Rita Ora for RimmelLondon - Bestival 

*PR Samples 


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