Wednesday 7 January 2015

Milk Frother Review - Awesome Frothy Milk Made At Home

It is not often I get enthused by gadgets or tools but being a coffee and chai latte drinker this simple milk frother has got me all whipped up with excitement.

After popping in the 2 AA batteries needed to make it work you simply heat up some milk and turn it on.

It took me three attempts to get it perfect, who knew there was a knack to this!

The first time it made a huge mess and there was milk everywhere, clearly too much milk was in the cup.

The second time I put less milk in the cup and it worked better but initially there was a spray of milk that for the third time I wanted to avoid.

Third time lucky - I put the right amount of hot milk in the cup (hold the cup with one hand, machine in other).

Tip time - If you put the whisk bit just under the the surface of the milk and hold the switch fully down for 30 seconds you get beautifully creamy, frothy milk that is just perfect to tip into your glass or mug for an authentic coffee latte, chai latte or cappuccino.

An inexpensive, nice and easy way to bring the coffee shop experience into your home.

Argos Milk Frother £4.99

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  1. So there is a knack to them? Thank you for telling me. Sometimes I give up too quickly (especially with movies haha, they only have 30 minutes to impress me) so I might need to give this a go. Super cheap! xx


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