Friday 7 November 2014

Winter Skincare With Nivea - Lip Butters & Body Moisturiser

The weather has been a bit topsy turvy of late with the onset of Autumn. Biting winds and frosty weather one day and then fooling us into thinking Summer is back by warming right up the next. I don't know about you but I am struggling with my Winter wardrobe, I never know what to wear without feeling too hot or too cold so have resorted to layers being my solution.

The ever changing weather has been causing skin issues too. Drying out my lips and my body feeling like it needs some extra nourishment.

Luckily for me Nivea came to the rescue and sent me some of their Winter Saviours to try...

I was itching to try the famous Lip Butters, the slimline tins resembling macaroons made it hard to resist not storing them in a pretty teacup and I am pleased to say they haven't disappointed.

I was sent 4 'flavours' from the range - All the lip butters contain Shea Butter and Almond Oil, softening lips and leaving a slight gloss to them.

Original - This has no scent, is clear in the tin and leaves lips feeling moisturised and protected from the wind and cold and imparts a slight sheen.

Vanilla & Macadamia - This lip butter has the comforting scent of vanilla and is quite sweet. It can be a little overpowering but the scent doesn't last too long. As is true of all of the lip butters it does a good job of leaving lips feeling coated with moisture and soft.

Raspberry Rosé  - Sweet and fruity this smells just like a raspberries. I like it a lot.

Blueberry Blush - I am a blueberry fiend. I eat blueberries every day so I was pretty sure I was going to love this flavour and I do. This has a gorgeous fresh and fruity, true blueberry scent.  My favourite.

I was also sent a body moisturiser which I like to apply after bathing. I don't really suffer from dry skin so I am looking for a product that just keeps my skin feeling soft and moisturised all day.

Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion in Sea Minerals does the job nicely. This is for normal skin and being a lotion it is light and absorbs fast with no greasy residue. Skin feels wonderfully soft all day and the fresh scent is present but not overpowering. An excellent moisturiser at a super price point, it retails for around £3.60. 

*PR Sample

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  1. these look great! love the look of the lip butters x


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