Tuesday 20 May 2014

Pudology Dairy & Gluten Free Desserts Review

I won some Pudology dairy and gluten free puds recently and naturally I thought I would share my thoughts with you on them.

Unfortunately there was a bit of a delay in their arrival (apparently the original delivery van broke down) which meant that ice bag keeping them cool had melted and so the outer packaging was soggy. No matter though, it did not affect the contents which is the most important thing.

All the Pudology products are

Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Wheat Free

I was sent 3 varieties to devour...

Chocolate Pud 

Deeply decadent & irresistibly smooth chocolate ganache with Madagascan vanilla.

My thoughts 

The first thing to mention is that it contains coconut milk as the replacement for dairy, so it does taste like it although I found that as I ate on, the taste of coconut subsided and delicious chocolate was more prevalent. I thought this was going to be rich and dense but happily the ganache melted in my mouth, much lighter than I expected. Very nice indeed. 

Chocolate Orange Pud 

Seriously smooth chocolate and orange ganache with Brazilian orange oil.

My thoughts

Now it has to be said I adore chocolate orange so I was excited to try this and it smells and tastes exquisite. Similar in texture to the Chocolate Pud, this is once again light and smooth. 

Banoffee Pud 

Layers of biscuit, dairy-free toffee, banana & chocolate – the ultimate indulgence!

My thoughts 

I do love a good banoffee pie and this is not a disappointment. In fact this was a highlight. 
Sweet but not overly so, light crumbly biscuit, smooth toffee and banana that is refreshingly cool topped with chocolate. Best eaten with every spoonful containing each layer. My favourite.

Delicious puds, dairy and gluten free that satisfy a sweet tooth. You cannot ask for much more..


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