Friday 9 May 2014

A Tempting Trio

A Tempting Trio

Would you like to see the dessert menu?

The beaming waitress stood in anticipation with the menu already in her hand.. Sarah was really rather full after the main course but somehow the mere suggestion ignited her other belly, you know the one that we all possess - the pudding one, and so she found herself saying yes please.

Banoffee Pie
Chocolate Fudge Cake 
Eton Mess

Sarah glanced down at the menu and considered the options on offer, she loved food but dessert was where her heart truly belonged. What a wonderful choice, all were tempting her but she had narrowed down her choices. Truth be known she was secretly marvelling at how she could quite easily devour all three without a second thought but making up her mind was the hardest part.. working her way down the menu she cried out in triumph.

'Having trouble choosing ..why not enjoy a trio of our tempting desserts - a smaller portion of each of our most popular desserts'

Wow, that was easy! Decision made, she ordered her dessert. She may for a fleeting moment felt a bit greedy but this feeling dispersed as soon as the plate was placed in front of her.

Sarah found her mind drifting and with each delicious mouthful she weighed up the pros and cons of each.

Banoffee Pie 

Adam - Devilishly handsome with dreamy blue eyes. A soft and squidgy exterior, but well defined with a caring sweetness that made her melt every time they met and yet, there was this hard core that she couldn't penetrate that made her feel that Adam was holding back.

Adam was complicated and gave nothing away. Each time they met she unpeeled another layer and found out something new but all the pieces just didn't add up. Dates were carefully planned and each one was accompanied by a gift. Adam was sweet, generous and loving but there was something missing.

Sarah sighed...mmmm I am not quite ready to give it up, I need to find out what is stopping Adam committing to me completely. I don't just want a piece, it is just not enough, I want it all.

The fact that Adam may know about the others and that was why he was reluctant to give his all never even entered Sarah's head.

Irresistible Adam, the mysterious one.

Chocolate Fudge Cake 

David - Ah David.. If Adam had dreamy blue eyes, David had the most deliciously big brown eyes she had ever seen.  He with his glossy exterior but who was warm and well she couldn't deny it, rich. He reached right down to the very heart of her soul. Taking her to places she could only dream of. Unfortunately he was also married which should have set alarm bells ringing but it was true he was trying to extricate himself from his wife but it was going to take time..

Could she wait..were the trips to St Tropez enough to placate her. Were the shopping trips to Selfridges and the open wallet enough, even if come the weekend she was left twiddling her thumbs. Sarah thought hard, really hard. He did LOVE her, they had just found each other at the wrong time.

Neither of them were shallow, her thoughts made it sound like she was and that he could buy her submission but actually when they were together they loved nothing better than opening a tub of ice cream, watching videos and laughing.

Sarah laughed aloud and then quickly remembered where she was. She looked around and hoped no-one had noticed her. Embarrassed she started on her last dessert. Tucking into oodles of meringue pieces, cream and strawberries..Sarah's mind once again began to wander.

Eton Mess 

Tommy - Finally Tommy, the foppish and incredibly sexy aristocrat who was fruity if a little fresh at times. Time spent with him was a blur. He was unreliable, dishevelled and unshaven. Stuck in the 90's he still had curtain hair for god's sake and his dress sense was terrible. But and there was a huge but.. he was so much fun to be around, if and when he turned up.

He embraced culture like it was going out of fashion, showing Sarah the beauty of the museum, since they had 'dated' they had been to them all. Her favourite was the V&A, especially the great exhibitions and showcases. Tommy let her be a dreamer, actively encouraged her in fact. She swirled around with fabrics and they giggled as people stared. Tommy loved the art galleries, they would sit and gaze for hours at each individual brush stroke and then people watch. Tommy mimicking mannerisms and she adoring his little quirks.

However, life she could tell with Tommy would be messy, the room in his stately home a tip. He called it organized chaos but she knew he was a hoarder and she was such a tidy person. She loved to plan, he loved surprises and last minute activities.

Could she see past the cons with Tommy and indulge in an alternative lifestyle?

Decisions, decisions. A tempting trio indeed, She just couldn't make her mind up.. why wasn't life as simple as the dessert menu?

Want to read more? Well you can - read the FULL story here!

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