Wednesday 23 April 2014

DHC Pore Lotion & Pore Milk Review

Pores..I want my skin to look perfectly smooth and flawless and yet the tiny issue of pores has been the bane of my life for a very long time now. Nothing really eradicates them but there are products on the market to disguise and minimize them ...

So this post is dedicated to two products from Japanese brand DHC from their Pore range that I have been using and almost at the end of now. They have been part of my pretty happy skincare regime for a while now.

DHC Pore Lotion 

DHC say 

This gentle, alcohol-free toner contains brown algae extract to support collagen and scavenge free radicals on skin’s surface. Plus, zinc PCA helps control excess sebum while mushroom extract helps visibly tighten pores. It uses “Delivery Nanomicelle” technology to more effectively administer pore-minimising ingredients to skin. Nanomicelles are nano-sized particles of crystallized, high-molecular polymers. Once the toner is applied to your skin, the polymer shell of the nanomicelle dissolves, releasing the ingredients over time to help firm your complexion and clarify pores so they look smaller. You’ll love its refreshing, natural grapefruit scent.

My thoughts 

I did think this was a rather pricey toner but having been using it for well over 6 months now, could even be longer, a little goes a long way. It is a really gentle toner, over Christmas when I had psoriasis on my face and it felt really sensitive it was one of the few products that I could continue to use and have no adverse effects (like stinging). Pore Lotion smells wonderfully refreshing and is a great toner in my mind. I would use this again, no question.

DHC Pore Milk

DHC say 

Help control excess sebum, clarify pores and fight blemishes, all while supporting your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Bursting with artichoke leaf extract, vitamin C and a powerful antioxidant called oxyresveratrol to help firm skin and clarify pores so they look smaller, this lightweight moisturiser uses “Delivery Microcapsule” technology to more effectively administer these pore-minimising ingredients. The microcapsules are minute, silica vessels that release beneficial ingredients where needed by sensing the skin’s ion balance. You’ll also love its refreshing, natural grapefruit scent.

My thoughts 

Once again this has a lovely pleasant scent. I must admit I was a little baffled when I first used this as I wasn't entirely sure if it was meant to be my moisturiser per se, as it is really light and milk like in consistency. Packaging wise it has a handy pump dispenser which I love. Personally, it didn't feel moisturising enough to be used alone so I did wear my usual moisturiser on top and it has worked really well. Pores are minimised and it has been a long time since I have suffered from shiny nose syndrome.

DHC Pore Lotion 120ml £28 
DHC Pore Milk 80ml £28

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