Tuesday 25 February 2014

Gu After Dark Gu-zullionaires's Puds

Gu say

A decadent evolution of the classic millionaires’ shortbread: chocolate biscuit crumb, salted caramel made with sea salt from GuĂ©rande in western France, treacle-infused cheesecake and our richest ever ganache.

I say 

Decadence in every spoonful! Seriously delicious pudding that is worth the indulgence.

I don't often have desserts at home but every so often passing the trolley down the aisles something catches my eye that I find impossible to resist. On this occasion it was the offer of a half price Gu pud. My only decision was which to go for, something I had tried before or throw caution to the wind and try something new.. well I opted for the try something new and picked Gu-Zillionaires Pud. It was the promise of salted caramel that enticed me.

So what do you get - a crumbly, barely together chocolate biscuit base. A soft, smooth and creamy treacle tasting cheesecake middle. A wonderful layer of sweet and salty salted caramel and finally a rich chocolate ganache to break through on the top, complete with tiny gold nuggets. The result.. one of the most perfect desserts I have ever tasted.

Yum, yum and thrice yum.

They come in a pack of two for sharing, alternatively noone is going to think any worse of you if you eat them both...

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  1. Oh yum, this sounds amazing! I love Gu puddings so will have to give this one a try :)



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