Wednesday 7 August 2013

Kiko City Filter Sunscreen Primer & Skin Glow Light Effect Day Cream

On my recent four day trip to Rome I included a few products from the Kiko range. I had been using these prior to going and liked them enough to treat them to a trip ;-)

Kiko Makeup Milano Skin Glow Light Effect Day Cream SPF10

This cream is from the "colours in the world" collection.

Kiko say

Ideal for all skin types, it reawakens the complexion from its winter pallor and restores a healthy, radiant look. Thanks to the presence of sophisticated brightening particles, Skin Glow melts onto skin, evening the complexion and giving an immediate sublime light effect.

The selected active ingredients stimulate cellular renewal and contribute to the increase in collagen production, giving moisture and suppleness to the skin.

Protected from the sun's rays and from the formation of free radicals, the face regains a youthful, vital look. Ideal for applying before make up to give smoothness to the face, neck, shoulders and d├ęcolletage.

My thoughts 

I love the pump dispenser packaging. The cream is really light in consistency like a lotion. I find the level of moisturisation is adequate for my needs and the scent is nice and fresh. The product provides a lovely radiant finish which makes my skin look really bright. 

Swatches of the City Filter Sunscreen Primer SPF50 & Skin Glow Light Effect Day Cream SPF10

Kiko Makeup Milano City Filter Sunscreen Primer SPF50

Kiko say

SPF 50 Face Primer. City Filter Sunscreen creates an invisible shield on the skin, protecting it against the first signs of aging such as fine lines, dark spots and dullness. Its smooth and silky texture softens and brightens the complexion.

This smooth emulsion glides on easily and its texture is light and easily absorbed, leaving the skin silky and pleasant smelling. An easy to apply formula with a velvety touch immediately comforts the face and leaves it with a feeling of weightlessness.

City Filter Sunscreen facial primer provides a base for make-up, improving the appearance of the complexion with incredibly natural results.

My thoughts

The City Filter Sunscreen Primer, once again, has a runny consistency. It is yellow in colour and has a delicate vanilla scent which appeals to me. It blends in easily and provides a nice base for my bb cream/foundation. Smooths pores. If you don't like the feel of silicon based primers this is a good alternative and the high SPF is a real plus point (although Kiko recommend you use separate sun protection)

I didn't use a separate sunscreen but I did use Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream  which contains SPF30 as my base and this was perfectly fine for the time I was out in the sun in Italy. The temp was 34 degrees.

Kiko Makeup Milano Skin Glow Light Effect Day Cream SPF10 40ml is currently on offer at £6.40
Kiko Makeup Milano City Filter Sunscreen Primer SPF50 30ml £12.90

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  1. I've just discovered Kiko and was really intrigued by the city shield so good to read this review - seems like it really is "invisible".


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