Friday 9 August 2013

4 Days In Rome - The Eternal City

About 8 years ago I went to Rome with my then boyfriend (now husband). I had heard such good things, it is romantic, you will love it ... so I was very excited to be visiting this legendary city. Sadly it was a huge disappointment, it was November, it was cold and rained the entire time, it seemed dirty and full of graffiti and to top it all off there was a transport strike :-(

However we did manage to see The Trevi Fountain and toss a coin into it (legend has it if you do this you will return) and we visited The Vatican in all its splendour and serenity.

Back to Rome

Well this thing about returning to Rome if you toss a coin into the Trevi must be true as we got an invite to my cousin's wedding to be held in Rome, we were going back! So at the end of July the whole family, and I mean the WHOLE family packed our bags and jetted off to Rome for four days of sightseeing and wedding celebrations.

Rome in the height of Summer is an entirely different place. It is steamy hot, sunny and packed with sightseers. Gelatos (ice cream) are in abundance and it is an altogether friendlier and definitely romantic destination. You cannot help but get swept up and fall  in love with the City.

We stayed in Hotel Quirinale on Via Nazionale. I would highly recommend this hotel for its location and proximity both to the main train station and the main sights, size of rooms and general ambiance. They also had good food and a lovely, peaceful garden area where they served food and drinks.

Kicking off the holiday in style

The hotel garden 

Relaxing on the swing chair

In the hotel garden - pre dinner drinks 

When in Rome - Pizza

The Sights of Rome

Trevi Fountain 

The Spanish Steps

The Colosseum 

The Vatican 

The stunning wedding location at Villa Aurelia 

Yes when in Rome it really is The Sweet Life 

Bettina x

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  1. Rome is one of those places I really wasn't sure about visiting but your post makes it sound so lovely. Maybe I'll get there one day :) x


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