Monday 24 June 2013

Afternoon Sweet Treat - Rococo Chocolates Dark Chocolate Floral Bar With Rose

I suffer from Afternoon slump and start to crave something sweet right about ..3pm. Dark chocolate is a good option to satisfy the craving and I have just discovered this gorgeous chocolate from Rococo Chocolates. 2 squares hits the sweet spot.

How pretty is the wrapper too - it is an original watercolour from the Rococo founder and designer Chantal Coady.

Rococo say 

In this bar our 65% organic dark chocolate blend is combined with steam distilled organic rose essential oil

My thoughts 

I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate and I love Rose (in all shapes and forms) so it was a given that this would appeal. It doesn't disappoint. A slightly bitter dark chocolate with just the right amount of rose taste with an appealing rose scent. A high end turkish delight taste. Delicious.

Rococo Dark Chocolate Floral Bar with Rose costs £4.50 for 70g

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