Friday 28 June 2013

A Short Story ..Peter and Jane

Part 1

A man called Peter lived at the end of my street.  The first and only time I saw him was on the day he moved in. He noticed me looking and gave me a wave. He had short cropped hair, brown beady eyes and a beard.  I think I smiled back and shouted out my name, he wasn't my type but I could be friendly enough when needed. However, this friendliness of mine may have been a huge mistake, he turned into my stalker.

Here is my story - 

To get to the station I had to walk past his house every single day.  I could feel his eyes looking me up and down. I couldn't see him but I knew he was there.

Every so often I would turn back to see if I could catch him peeking  but each time all I would see would be the twitch of the curtain falling back into place. Peter was clever all right.

I imagined him sat grinning in his room, knowing what game he was playing and how much it was torturing me and yet there was nothing I could do. He had me terrified. I had no proof but I just knew. God, did I sound insane? After 3 months I admit I was beginning to doubt myself. Was it all in my head?

My friend Alice told me to go to the Police and report him – I couldn’t do that! What would I say?
“There's this man who watches me”.  They would laugh in my face ' No law against that, darling' the rotund desk Sergeant would say.

Nothing would change. He would still be watching me; those sinister red velvet curtains would still be twitching. My skin was crawling just thinking about it.

No, there was only one thing for it I decided. I had to lure him into mischief, find out what he wanted, before he hurt someone else. This had to stop.

So my plan began...

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