Tuesday 17 April 2012

Reviews - Naked Shine Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner. Naked Style Extra Shiny Finishing Serum

I have been on a real mission to restore shine to my recent lacklustre, straw like hair. During the past few months I have been trying out lots of hair care products and am looking forward to sharing with you the products that have made a real difference.

Being an impatient kind of person I love products that provide instant results and the Naked Let It Shine Trio certainly do this.

The Let It Shine Trio are made up of the following products

Naked Shine Honey & Mallow Hydrating Shampoo (for normal to dry hair) 
Naked Shine Buttermilk & Green Tea Hydrating Conditioner (for normal to dry hair)
Naked Style Extra Shiny Finishing Serum 

Bought as the trio direct from the Naked website they cost just £9 which is incredible value for the results that they give. That said, the products bought on their own are still remarkable value for natural products.

Naked Shine Honey & Mallow Hydrating Shampoo (for normal to dry hair)  - £3.99 for 250ml

Naked say -

To shine and dazzle, the hair cuticles needs to be moisturised. We use honey & mallow extracts to target ares of dryness, quenching hair and helping to keep it hydrated.

My thoughts -

The Shampoo comes in the traditional Naked packaging, a push down lid dispenser. The product is a clear runny fluid and has a light, fresh scent. It doesn't lather up much on first application but will second time round if you do wash your hair twice.

I have been making a real effort to use SLS free shampoos and conditioners and have found that my psoriasis is under control, my head is a lot less itchy than it was previously, so I will continue to seek out and use these products.

Naked Shine Buttermilk & Green Tea Hydrating Conditioner (for normal to dry hair) - £3.99 for 250ml

Naked say - 

To shine and dazzle, hair needs to be smooth enough to reflect light. We use buttermilk and green tea extracts which help to improve elasticity of the cuticle and improve glossiness, giving your hair a diamond-like shine.

My thoughts - 

Out of the trio of products the conditioner was my favourite to use. I absolutely love the slight zingyness scent of green tea and this is fantastically refreshing (Think Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, mmm). It has a good, thick and creamy consistency and applies to the hair like a dream. I know that a conditioner is working for my hair when I rinse it off and it leaves my hair smooth and silky to the touch when still wet, I hope you know what I mean by this!

After the very first time of using this combination of products and drying it with a hairdryer and styling it with a styling toolmy hair looked healthier, felt beautifully soft to touch and was sleek and shiny. I was very impressed with the instant results and have been using the shampoo and conditioner ever since.

Naked Style Extra Shiny Finishing Serum - £4.99 for 50ml

Naked say -

Beautiful things come in small packages and this little gem brings instant shine and radiance, putting the sparkle back in your hair. Silicone free formulation.

My thoughts - 

To be used after styling on dry hair, this serum is perfect for taming flyaway hair. My son has a habit of playing with my long hair, but not at the ends which wouldn't be so bad but he twiddles and breaks the top of my hair! Consequently the hair on the top of my head has a mind of its own and this sorts it out marvelously. One pump is enough to work through all my hair giving it a nice gleaming finish.

From the pic above you can see the serum has a fine shimmer to it, but don't worry you will not look like you have applied glitter to your hair! It has a pleasant, faint scent of peaches.

To sum up - products that do the job they have been designed for at an affordable price.

All Naked products are free from sulphates, parabens or petrochemicals.

*PR Samples 


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