Sunday 22 April 2012

NOTD - Orly Cupcake

Think pink fondant icing on a finger bun and you have the perfectly pretty shade of Orly Cupcake.

Look how well it matches the pink in a scarf I have which I just couldn't resist including in the shot above. This soft and sugary pink pastel is ideal for me to wear day to day in Spring, a shade that enhances my hands but doesn't scream look at me...

As this is quite sheer, I applied 3 thin coats of this creamy textured lacquer to get decent coverage which didn't show the white tops of my nails, but the bonus was that the thinner coats meant that it dried faster than the 2 thicker coats I had tried on first application.

Orly Cupcake

*PR sample


  1. This is such a pretty shade - it looks so lovely, and perfect for Spring - that is, if this wretched rain ever goes away! x

  2. That is a really cute girlie shade, perfect for spring :D


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