Sunday 5 February 2012

Snow Sunday - Fun In The Snow

To the delight of my 3 yr old it has snowed overnight just as the weather forecasters predicted. A rather excited little one pinged open his eyes, declared that he wished to look out the window and I watched as a smile beamed across his face. He got dressed and ate his breakfast in record time just so he could run outside and play in the beautiful, powder white snow. He has been watching the animation 'The Snowman' for a a couple of years now so it really is magical for him, he couldn't wait to head outdoors to play and build a snowman...

Throwing snowballs

The big build 


In the absence of a carrot and buttons we had to improvise and used nuts from a toy work bench, a pink bouncy ball and a banana!

A peek of the snow from our window

Obligatory snow scene

You can see from his very first year he has always been enchanted by the snow flakes!

Here he is aged 7 months old loving the snow.

I hope you are enjoying the snow today...


  1. Oh he's adorable! Also, what a great snowman - I've been quite excited by the snow as well...x

  2. aww its magical watchign the wonder in childrens eyes when they see snow isn't it hope you all managed to warm up quickly after yoru snowman building :) x


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