Tuesday 28 February 2012

Facebook Competition/Promotion Rules

I see lots of brands (not just cosmetic ones) almost on a daily basis holding competitions and giveaways on Facebook that are breaking the Competition Rules and Guidelines that Facebook have created. If you do not hold a promotion that follows the rules and Facebook discover this, then potentially they can and will close down your page!

Not so great when you have built up hundreds if not thousands of followers..

I thought it would be useful to link to the Facebook Promotions Guidelines for reference and clarification as to what is allowed and what is not as this may come in handy if you decide to hold a competition too using facebook..

Click here for the Facebook Promotions Guidelines

Were you aware that these rules existed?


  1. I've done giveaways on my own Facebook page and never knew until now, I haven't bothered to read the T&C's if I'm honest but I thought companies would've done that though as they have a lot to lose!

  2. One thing I already knew is that they aren't allowed to make us "like" their page to enter but they all still do it -_-


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