Monday 19 December 2011

Shellac Nails Review

Today I have a guest review of Shellac Nails from the very lovely and talented Lisa from Lou Lou Belle Designs.  Lisa specialises in gorgeous handcrafted jewellery and hair accessories for weddings and special occasions. 

I have always been more of a pedicure gal because my job means that my nails have to withstand a lot of damage so nail varnish doesn’t usually last more than a day. I make jewellery and tiaras and, along with pliers, my nails are also my tools of the trade (used to open spilt rings and twisting wire) so they take a bit of a bashing every day. I was interested to hear about Shellac nails with their claims that it would not chip for 14 days and is strong enough to withstand knocks and day to day wear as well as protecting my nails.

I saw Karen at Everley’s Beauty in Southampton. Karen has a gorgeous pink beauty room which made me feel right at home. After filing and shaping my nails, Karen applied a base coat and my nails were set under a UV lamp for a short time. The colour was applied in the same way you’d apply nail varnish (I chose a gorgeous aubergine) and, again, set under the UV lamp. The process was repeated to create a flawless opaque coloured nail. A top coat was then applied and set. The result was shiny, mirror-look, flawless nails. And the best bit, it was already dry. No drying time at all! Amazing! The whole process took about 45 mins.... but did it really last 14 days?

Well, yes! I didn’t change anything in my day to day routine and carried on jewellery making, cleaning etc in the same way to see if the Shellacs held up. After 14 days there was minimal wear on the nail tip of the nail that I use the most in jewellery making but it was only visible if I looked for it. Looking at them they were still pretty much perfect (there was regrowth of course) and they looked as shiny as the day I had them done with no chips at all. See for yourself in the photos below.

Verdict: Amazing results! And at £18 for hands and £15 for feet, I think it is excellent value.

Would I have them done again?: At the time of printing, I’ve already become a regular!

Thanks so much Lisa! 
Have you tried Shellac, what did you think?


  1. I'd love to try these, but knowing me I'd get bored of the colour in two weeks! :P xxxx

  2. Nice colour choice! I've had Shellac done quite a few times before and sometimes mines last even longer than 14 days


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