Tuesday 25 October 2011

Celebrity Perfume Review - Jennifer Aniston

When it comes to choosing a perfume the last thing on my mind is seeking out and purchasing a celebrity scent. Consequently, I rarely go anywhere near celebrity perfumes, I have had the odd sniff or spray but the ones I have smelt are heady and sweet, not to my taste at all.

However, when I heard that Jennifer Aniston was launching a perfume I was excited. I like Jennifer Aniston a lot. Ever since she played Rachel in Friends where I was likened to her both in character and looks I have followed her in films and magazines. I like her hair and I like her style. I even tend to choose similar hair styles as I know that if it suits her it will suit me. 

The big question .. would I like her perfume, the signature scent created to represent her. Jennifer is quoted as saying that the scent was 'sexy, clean and floral but not too flowery'.

Apparently the perfume was to be called Lolavie but this was dropped just before launch and it became simply Jennifer Aniston. The bottle is shaped liked the contour of her back, I like the idea of it but it is a bit big and bulky, awkward for my small hands to hold.

I read that the perfume had top notes of citruses and rose; heart notes of jasmine, violet and lily and base notes of musk, sandalwood and amber. I love rose so it sounded like something that would appeal to me and I desperately wanted to try it, but I couldn't get hold of the perfume until this Summer.

On first spray I was really quite disappointed, I was convinced that I should have loved it and yet I wasn't sure whether I liked it all. I couldn't smell the rose in it and that would have had huge appeal to me. It was strong but not strong enough to get up my nose to irritate it and make me sneeze like so many scents do.

It took three attempts of wearing this perfume for me to like it, but I can safely say that I now adore it. It is the perfect everyday scent. Jennifer Aniston has the same lightness that drew me to PureDKNY but the scent is not similar to it. 

On first contact with my skin the perfume, heads straight to the middle notes of Jasmine, Violet and Lily. I cannot detect citruses at all.. I am ok with this as citrus based scents are not for me. The perfume fades quite quickly into a gorgeous and classy, grown up powdery scent which I love and it is this scent that lasts for hours on my skin.

The best thing is that it has received the family seal of approval as both my husband and three year old son like it. In the words of my son 'Mmm nice!'

Jennifer Aniston Eau de Parfum - 85mls. Available to purchase in store at The Perfume Shop.

*PR Sample


  1. Not a fan of celeb scents - although a big fan of jasmine and lily - and of Jen. Hmm...!

    Viola xx


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