Thursday 25 November 2010

Susan Posnick Cosmetics Review

A bit of background - Susan Posnick is a make-up artist of 20 years who developed the COLORFLO Foundation after having skin cancer. She wanted to create a range that had high sun protection that felt light and did not melt in the heat.COLORFLO was her very first product

COLORFLO Foundation -  £39.95 - I used colour M3 although other shades are available.

Readers of this blog will know that I really struggle with mineral foundations, finding the powder messy and application taking an age. So when I spotted this on twitter I was really keen to see this in the flesh as the casing looked interesting and attractive. Here was a mineral powder contained in a tube and was self dispensing, it seemed ideal and mess free.

In addition this claims to be sweat and waterproof with a SPF of 26 - Impressive.

Well the instructions seemed easy enough - Prep the brush- firmly press button at base of COLORFLO 1-2 times before first application to get minerals flowing.After initial prep, simply tap brush on wrist 1-3 times until mineral are visible in brush. Apply in circular motion.

What happened - I followed the instructions and as this is quite a light colour I couldn't work out whether anything was coming out so I kept pressing the button - when I did put it on my face I was covered in a cloud of mineral powder - Ooops! Well I did manage to laugh, so much for the non messy application.

Once I had the hang of it I actually found it really easy to apply. The brush was gorgeously soft and the application even. Yes, it still took a lot longer than my usual liquid foundation but the result was amazing. I had no need to use a separate concealer and I felt great, as if I wasn't wearing anything at all.

This is pricey for a foundation and I have no idea how long it would last. It is portable so you could retouch when out and about. It is also refillable - refills costs around £21. I do like it and will continue to use it.

This is a picture of me wearing the foundation and the blusher. Readers will recognise this as one of my FOTD's as I was so pleased with it.

Susan Posnick COLORME Cheeks and Eyes - £21.00 in Camelia. Available in 7 shades.

This was a Winner of The Green Beauty Bible Awards.

The blusher is my favourite product, I like the fact that the powder is in a self dispensing pot. It has an attached puff and mirror on the lid. It goes on really nicely and has a very, very slight shimmer. Very pretty and easy to use. I found it had good pigmentation and was long lasting.

Here it is on my hand and of course on my cheeks on the picture above.

Susan Posnick COLOREYEDEFINE - £25.00 in Bronze/Copper. Available in 8 Duos.

Note - The picture above is of the product with the lids off.

This is a duo of a slender angled eye liner pen and a self dispensing eye shadow sponge.

This is a lovely duo, the shadow has a gorgeous and slightly metallic sheen to it that reflects light beautifully and the applicator is fantastic, for easy, even coverage on the eyelid. The eye liner is incredibly soft to apply so there is no dragging and blendable for a more softer look. That said I do feel this is quite expensive.

Overall, I definitely think this brand is worth a look at.

What do you think?

Th range is available from spas and salons nationwide and online at
For stockists check online at


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