Monday 8 November 2010

Olay Total Effects Wake Up Wonder - Review

My very first face moisturiser was Oil of Ulay in that light pink opaque bottle - the classic beauty fluid - My mum used it so it seemed good enough for me. Things have changed a lot since then - not least the change of name to Olay. With the change also came the creation and choice of lots of different moisturisers addressing specific skincare needs.

I must admit I moved away from Olay in preference of other brands but trying this product may signal a return to the brand...

I was given an opportunity to try this new product and from its description it sounded like a great product -

total effects Wake Up Wonder is a lightweight anti-ageing moisturiser providing 7 anti-ageing effects in 1 product to wake up your creased, tired looking skin. This is thanks to its new lightweight anti-ageing formula with mint extract.

The 7 anti-ageing effects it helps with

1.Line Minimisation
6.Pore Appearance

My verdict -

The product comes in a pump action bottle which I now have a preference for. The scent is the usual slightly fruity scent from the Total Effects range - quite strong but pleasant and it doesn't linger - I didn't detect the mint though. It has a nice light fluid texture and goes on smoothly and absorbs well with no greasy residue.

It has left my skin feeling soft and nicely hydrated all day. I have been complimented on my skin looking lovely, so all plus points. I have been using this for about 2 weeks now so not long enough to see any real change but I really like it so far. I would definitely recommend and purchase.

Olay Total Effects Wake Up Wonder costs £13.99 for 30ml and is available from Olay stockists.

For more information see the website


  1. I have a money off coupon for this so may give it a try, it does look lovely!

  2. Hi I was in Boots today dithering what to do and whether to buy this so I thought I would wait and look up some reviews, thanks for the review I think Ill give it a go.


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