Tuesday 10 August 2010

EYESHADOW by H&M - Pearl Dust and Brown Dust

I wouldn't normally have considered purchasing cosmetics from a fashion store, just like I am a bit averse to buying things like clothes in the Supermarket, or a pasta dish in a restaurant known for its carvery. I often find that if you don't stick to a company's area of expertise you will be disappointed with the results.

For cosmetics and skincare, I prefer to visit Superdrug or Boots for their great offers and choice. I mix this with semi-frequent shopping at department stores when I require that extra bit of attention and advice from the more exclusive brands.

Recently, I had a moment to myself when I was perusing the rails of H&M - where I picked up this great top which I am planning to wear with crop trousers and my killer black satin peep-toe stilettos:

My eyes quickly found themselves drawn to the make up section and finally settled on these cute looking bottles

I loved the colours from the outset as I generally tend to use very wearable, muted colours.  I never go out without applying eye shadow(s), so my makeup bag contains those which I wear everyday and those that I save for matching to an outfit or when I am feeling inspired / cheeky / sultry / cute or vampish!

It can take me a long time to get through eye shadows therefore the price appealed as I wouldn't be so reluctant to part with them once they were past their use by date.

But the question is:  Would they be any good once I got them home ....?

Well I am impressed actually! They are in a cute bottle with no chance of spilling, although I haven't a clue how they get from the pot to the applicator. The powder collects on the tips but a quick shake of the bottle seems to solve this. The applicators are a little short in the handle so you may find them a little fiddly. However, the colours look good -  the Pearl Dust I thought would be creamier in colour -  and really come into their own on a sunny day or when the light hits them as they shimmer like anything. Very pretty - Here I am wearing them.
What do you think ?

In summary - cute, non messy, nice colours and they seem to last a few hours.

£1.99 each from H&M, other shades available

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