Tuesday 24 August 2010

Benefit Porefessional

I have been searching for something to conceal the enlarged pores on my nose and in answer to my prayers and no doubt many other beauty fans, Benefit have created and about to launch in the UK a product called Porefessional.

Being meticulous with my beauty regime of cleanse, tone and moisturise as well and using an exfoliator twice a week has really helped to clean them out, but the holes remain.. A toner does close them up but the effect is short lived.

So when this product dropped through my letterbox and promised to minimise the appearance of pores I just had to try it out.

This is advertised as a dual action primer and touch up during the the day but personally I would just use it on my nose to conceal the pores. It is lightweight and oil free. As it comes out the tube it is beige in colour but is translucent on application which means that it can be used by all skin tones. The instructions say to apply it after moisturising, but if you need to retouch it can be done over make-up.

Porefessional has a pleasant fresh scent and feels lovely like satin once on. When applied it does minimise the appearance of the pores but not enough for my liking!

When foundation is applied the pores pretty much disappear completely, leaving very little evidence that you ever had visible pores which is impressive.

It is essentially a filler which provides a smooth base to apply the foundation to but after a few hours you may need to reapply to maintain the look.

Whilst I like Porefessional I wasn't wowed by the product, when used on its own it concealed some pores more than others and I feel it is a little pricey. I would have liked a product that conceals and treats the problem at the same time - Now wouldn't that be good?

Porefessional is available at Benefit Stores and Counters from 1st September - Price £23.50


  1. Hello darling! This product reminds me of Clinique Instant Perfector, Pore Minimizer,
    I ssume they work pretty much in the same way!
    Thanks so much for the great review! I have just become a new follower of your cute blog,

  2. You should try Clinique Pore Minimizer! your skin feels like satin too, and it has a beige colour. But, differently from Benefit's, it stays all day.

    I'm from Brazil and I love this product! I think you should try it! =D

  3. I was thinking about trying this one :)

    Sher x



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