Saturday 12 June 2010


I first became interested in skincare and make-up at the tender age of 15 when a lady came to our school to teach us 'ladies' deportment and the importance of looking our best. Her name was Julia Hammond, an ex model, and she could probably be credited for my foray into the beauty world.
We were handed samples of CoverGirl foundation and therein started my revelation, what was this magic coloured liquid... I had flawless, beautiful skin!

Since that moment I have spent hundreds if not thousands of pounds in the pursuit of the perfect skincare and make-up products. From budget to prestigious brands I have tried them all. This blog brings to you the best that I have found, and will continue to find in my lifelong quest for the ultimate beauty products.

Beauty is my passion, let it be yours.

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  1. Good luck with your blog. It sounds great and I am a make up addict in theory in that I love it and buy it but then forget to use it. Will be great to read and also hope to pick up some good tips.


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