Monday 14 June 2010

Water, water, everywhere

Models often say when interviewed that the amount of water they drink contributes to their great skin.

I used to dismiss this until I worked in an office and had access to a water machine and would drink copious amounts of the stuff without even realising it! Very soon I noticed a clear difference in my skin and again noticed it when I became a mother and lapsed in drinking it, my skin quickly became dull and lifeless and no amount of great foundation could hide what was underneath.

Water has great health benefits and we are always being told to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but how much water really depends on your size, height etc  -  Eating plenty of water rich food like watermelons, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach, watercress - essentially lots of fruit and veg will also help with your water intake.

Being well hydrated can help with weight loss as it curbs your appetite, may reduce headaches and improve your energy levels. Skin wise it will promote a clearer complexion as it clears dirt and bacteria from your skin and flushes toxins from your body. Dry Skin can benefit from water as its a sign of dehydration and have you ever noticed that most beauty products have water listed as an ingredient...?

I like to drink tap water with some ice and a slice of lemon, just like the picture above - mmm delicious.
Drinking green tea, white tea or even herbal tea can all contribute to flushing out the system, making you feel great from the inside which will then promote looking great on the outside.
Of course I still enjoy a nice cup of standard tea or coffee too - everything in moderation.


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