Monday 10 December 2018

Bob Bob Ricard Restaurant Review

The day after I booked a table for two at Bob Bob Ricard, an email dropped into my inbox from billing it as one of the 12 most romantic restaurants in London. I had been wanting to go to BBR for years so it seemed apt that I used the excuse of our wedding anniversary as the occasion to go! Although, you most definitely don't need an occasion to visit, just go is my recommendation..

Bob Bob Ricard is the iconic Art Deco Soho restaurant serving a luxury English and Russian menu in London's most glamorous all-booth dining room. Famous for its 'Press for Champagne' button at every table, the restaurant boasts the accolade of pouring more Champagne than any other restaurant in the UK!

Despite it being famous for its Champagne, neither my husband or I had any. I know! The tall blonde one had a glass of red wine and I opted for an Espresso Martini. We also skipped the sub zero Vodka shots but we will have them next time we go!

The Espresso Martini was an ideal accompaniment to my meal, smooth froth with the perfect amount of alcoholic content.

Bob Bob Ricard's decor is plush and decadent and the booths offer privacy and comfort. Perfect indeed.

Service was faultless. Friendly and attentive. The atmosphere in the restaurant was buzzy for a Saturday afternoon and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

The tall blonde one had a starter which he very kindly let me share ... it was absolutely delicious and was demolished in seconds. Creamy avocado, soft, tasty crab and refreshing salad, with a dressing to die for. One of the best starters we have ever eaten.

Crab with Chilli & Avocado

For mains I couldn't resist ordering the Chicken Kiev served with creamed corn. As the tall blonde is dairy free it's a rare treat to have something like this and it didn't disappoint. Moist chicken filled with buttery moreishness and sweet creamed corn.

 The tall blonde one opted for the Pavé steak with Peppercorn & Brandy Sauce and we ordered a side order of Fries to share.

Of course I could squeeze in one of their famous desserts...

The tall blonde one chose Le Colonel - Lemon sorbet with Russian Standard Platinum Vodka

While I ummed and aahed over whether to have the BBR Signature Chocolate Glory or the Flaming Crème Brûlée - The Crème Brûlée won :) thus now I need to return to try my other choice - ha ha .

Now remember I mentioned how fab the service was .... well a waiter brought my flaming dessert to the table but the flame went out almost immediately... our original waiter saw the disappointment on my face and relit it so I could video it and share it on my insta stories - now that's what I call service ;-)

My long awaited visit to Bob Bob Ricard lived up to its expectations and more - we fully intend to make another visit and enjoy some of the rest of the menu... Personally, I cannot wait!

Bob Bob Ricard gets a 10/10


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