Thursday 18 May 2017

Flash Fiction - Invisible

A 100 word story based on this picture prompt

Image © Roger Bultot


Six o’clock on the dot. Week in, week out, he would arrive dressed in a suit. Taking his usual seat, by the window at the front, he would wait. She would arrive shortly after, five past six to be precise. Pretty, not a hair out of place. Her lipstick, a coral shade setting off her baby blue eyes. He would stand to greet her, warmly. Taking her arm he would lead her to the hotel next door. Working late he said. Lying. I watched most days, invisible, from the back of the diner. My husband, his mistress.

Hope you enjoyed this story
Bettina x

With thanks to Rochelle for the picture prompt as always. If you wish to read more stories based on this prompt, click here .


  1. Great reveal at the end. I can picture the scene and the sense of pain that's coming to them all. Well done.

  2. Ooh, I wonder what she's going to do about it...

    1. Me too! I am sensing a revenge of sorts...surely!

  3. She obviously didn't need a private investigator. Succinct, well done.

  4. Dear Bettina,

    I think it's time for her to take him to divorce court and sue him for everything he's got.




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