Monday 20 April 2015

5 Things To Do In Bruges

Bruges is one of those 'must see' places and having wanted to go for what seemed an age, we finally booked a short trip and took our 6yr old son with us too. He absolutely LOVED it, who couldn't resist plenty of chocolate, hot chocolate, ice cream, waffles (foodie heaven). He also loved looking around the city and declared the boat trip the best thing about the holiday...

Of course Belgium is renowned for Beer, Chocolates and Frites (chips) but there is so much more!

Here are five fab things I think you should do when in Bruges.

1. Take a Boat Ride and spend 30 minutes meandering the canals, taking in the sights and wonderful architecture of this great city. 

2. Eat waffles!

There are plenty of outlets but I really rate Chez Albert.  This is a tiny unassuming small kiosk/shop front with no seating but they make the most delicious fresh waffles. Eat one plain or indulge and choose from a multitude of toppings. I had strawberries and caramel sauce (pictured below) but I also had a waffle with Belgian chocolate sauce which was super tasty too.

3. Visit the 'Basilica of the Holy Blood' - 

This Basilica is a gothic architectural masterpiece and holds a phial that is said to contain a cloth with the blood of Jesus. Check times to visit as the phial is not on display at all times.

4. Visit a Tea Room and enjoy delicious coffees and sublime hot chocolate -

I highly recommend De Proeverie - The room is spacious and wonderfully decorated with nice little touches. I loved the roaring fireplace which made it cosy. We enjoyed coffee and hot chocolate, complete with cream and 3 mini chocolates from the chocolate shop across the road. The liquid hot chocolate that you add to warm milk is also from the same chocolate shop. A highlight of our visit to Bruges.

5.  Visit The Belfry Of Bruges 

Featured heavily in the film 'In Bruges', The Belfry (Bell Tower) is situated in the Market Square and is a prominent symbol of Bruges. The medieval Bell Tower has 366 narrow and steep steps that you can (for a fee) climb to the top of and take in the sights of Bruges or perhaps re-enact the film....

Be charmed by the cobbled streets and gentle pace of life and when in Bruges, don't forget to look up!

Bettina x


  1. Love Bruges! Glad you had a great time:) x

  2. The wooden fronted building in your second picture was the hotel they used for "In Bruges"


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