Monday 9 June 2014

You, Me & Tea at The Noodle House with Whittington's Tea Emporium

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing a tea pairing evening with the utterly delightful Kyle from Whittington's Tea Emporium at the newly opened on Shaftesbury Avenue The Noodle House.

The Noodle House is described as a place which shares the tranquillity of the teahouses and the vibrancy of buzzing street food stalls, with tastes that are combined to take you on a journey of experience and exploration.

You, Me & Tea - Promised an evening of tea history and brewing know-how pairing green teas with tasty accompanying noodle house dishes.

I can tell you now it certainly delivered. The evening was fun, informative and we consumed wonderful green teas each carefully selected to go with the items on our menu.

We were greeted on arrival with a Jasmine and Peach Iced tea Mocktail - this was made from sweet Jasmine tea, white peach puree and lemon.

The menu for the evening 

From the small plates selection -

The Noodle House lime green tea with Si Racha Prawns 

Tempura style prawns served with spicy mayo. 

This pairing brought out the flavours of this tasty starter. The green tea is super smooth and virtually clear.

Citrus Green with Wasabi Prawns 

Tempura style crispy prawns tossed in a wasabi dressing topped with a refreshing mango salsa

This tea and starter pairing was a revelation - the smooth citrus tea to my surprise completely cancelled out the heat of the wasabi when drunk. Amazing.

From the large plates selection - 

Gyokuro accompanied by Asian Fish Parcel

A tea to bring out all the delicate fish flavours. Yum.

To a noodle plate - 

Jade Tips (Mao Jian) accompanied by Vegetable Car Kway Teow

Flat rice noodles with shiitake mushrooms, bean sprouts, leeks, tenderstem broccoli, spring onions, garlic and chives

Unfortunately I completely forgot to take a picture of this giant and filling bowl of delicious noodles and vegetables. Jade Tips is a gentle tea that allows for the subtle flavours of the dish to come out without overpowering it.

Back to a large plate - 

Jasmine Pearls accompanies by Javanese Nasi Goreng

Wok-fried rice with prawns, chilli, spring onions and Sambal Belachan, topped with a fried egg, served with two chicken satay skewers and prawn crackers

As this was a taster selection from the menu ours was missing the fried egg and a satay stick but it was no less of a dish. This was mine and my companions favourite. Fragrant Jasmine green tea enhanced the myriad of flavours exploding in the mouth, each mouthful brought something else to the table. Very nice pairing indeed. 

Finally we had our refreshing dessert and accompanying alchoholic cocktail 

Citrus Ginger Gelato & a Spice Island Iced Tea Cocktail 

A perfect end to our tea and food pairing discovery evening. The Gelato was created by an Italian Ice Cream Maker with The Noodle House who have a selection of tea infused Gelatos. Very clever indeed and it tasted amazing, I probably would never have chosen this off the menu but it was smooth, creamy and delectable. The cocktail was the ideal tea inspired drink to accompany the gelato, made with Gin, spiced tea gin, lemon, Abbots Bitters and ginger ale.

Would I go again? Absolutely. It was a fabulous way to spend an evening. I learnt so much about the different green teas, how they are made and how best to make them and got to eat the most wonderful food. 

A great idea.

Don't worry that you missed this one one as there are going to be more tea tasting events with The Noodle House and Whittington's Tea Emporium. Each event is going to be held on the first Tuesday of every month.

Note - The next event is 2nd July (Wednesday!)

Tickets costs just £15 

For more information contact - Whittington's Tea Emporium:
To find out more about The Noodle House visit:

*I was a guest for the event 

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  1. This post has made me super hungry.... at 10am! It looks like a great evening :)



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