Thursday 2 August 2012

Boss Orange Perfume Review

Boss Orange EDT has to be my favourite female scent from the Boss collection.

It is described as a floral-fruity scent but I don't personally find it overly fruity which is perfect as I am not too keen on overtly fruity fragrances.

It features top notes of Sweet Apples, heart notes of White Flower Notes and Orange Blossom and base notes of Sandalwood, Olive Wood and Vanilla.

Well no surprises there ..containing some of the notes that really appeal to me mainly orange blossom, vanilla this was bound to be a hit. I have to be honest and say to my untrained scentometer I struggle to identify the sweet apples, not a problem though as I adore the orange blossom mixed with vanilla that I do detect.

It is gorgeous, but I do find it a little overpowering and heavy, if I spray too much I find that I can get a headache and not sure if I am imagining this.. heart palpitations! 

It reminds me a lot of the perfume Ghost EDT which was a favourite of mine in my early 20's - Top notes of Ambrette seeds, Rose, heart notes of Jasmine, Hibiscus, Apricot and base notes of Incense, Sandalwood,  Vanilla, Musk and Amber.

Boss Orange has the all important husband approval with him declaring ' you smell good'! As I find this too much for daytime, I save this scent to wear for evenings out.

Boss Orange EDT 75ml costs £48.50 from The Perfume Shop

*PR Sample


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