Monday 23 July 2012

Bye Bye Village Postman

I have lived in my village for about 8 years now and my postal delivery has been pretty damn perfect. The same friendly postman bar sickness and holidays. Post/parcels delivered before 12pm. I guess it is true, you don't know what you have until it is gone.

For the past few weeks I noticed that our postman hadn't been delivering to us. Some days post was being delivered at anything up to 5pm and if the postie had to knock to deliver a parcel, they knocked so aggressively it would make me jump out of my skin and scare my 4yr year old. I knew the village postman's knock and it was never threatening!

Then a letter arrived..

Purporting to be from the Royal Mail Delivery Manager for our area. It explained that changes were being made to our Royal Mail service as they needed to modernise the way they operated to maintain services. This meant that a re-organisation of delivery routes was necessary, post would be delivered for a longer period during the day and possibly a different postie to the one we had.

What this means to me

I am not averse to change, in fact many times if there is a better way of doing things I embrace it..

However, so far I have not seen an improvement in my service, only a decline.  I find having a different postie each day unsettling - the old postie got to know you, the route and there really was a personal touch. I have a door knocker, knock knock should suffice for me to hear you. Please refrain from the door knocking that resembles someone escaping from an axe murderer (seriously, I have never known anything like it!)

How is delivering me a parcel at 3.30pm on a Saturday an improvement ? Previous to the changes I knew roughly what time the postman was going to arrive and so if necessary I could plan around it. At the moment the delivery times are so random I have NO idea when the postie is going to visit. It has never arrived before 12pm since the changes.

I do accept that there may be a period of adjustment so we shall see how this pans out... meanwhile goodbye my lovely, friendly village postman, we are going to miss you.


  1. Try living in a block of flats where the postman out & out refuses to come to your door on Saturday's and will instead ring you and tell you to get up and come down and get it-the couriers won't even try to deliver, they just 'say they did but you weren't in!' Royal Mail sucks x

  2. So true. And so sad. My postal deliveries have got worse and worse since I stopped having a regular postie - irregular, delivered to the wrong address, etc. Our local post office branches have stopped holding parcels that couldn't be delivered, as apparently it's an "optional" service for them (?) so now I have to drive an almost 10 mile round trip to collect any parcel from a sorting office. And all this whilst the price of stamps climbs through the roof. Really not impressed. Hope your service improves once it's bedded in!

  3. At least your postie still delivers your post to YOUR address. Ours takes pleasure in putting it through either the neighbors to our left or the ones to our right. You wouldn't think our house number is on the front of the house THREE times. How can he get it so wrong?!??!!

    Hopefully the service will calm down soon and normality (ish) will be resumed for you :-(

    Vic x

    1. Where my parents live the 'temp' posties would just put all the post through random doors so the residents had to go round posting them!!


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