Thursday, 28 April 2011

Getting A Golden Glow with Fake Bake Face Platinum

My skin tone is one that tans relatively easily as I have Middle Eastern blood in me. When I was younger I was quite tanned as I lived abroad.  When we went on holidays I am ashamed to say that my mum used to just put carrot oil on us or a low factor sunscreen to achieve that all important tan. In those days nobody really knew the damage and effects of sun tanning, I know I certainly didn't know any better.

My brother had to have a mole removed when he was quite young and ever since that day I have always worn high protection, usually factor 20+ when I am out in the Sun.

When I go on holiday now I usually come back with an ever so slight colour change and not the tan that says 'I have had a great holiday!'. Have you ever had that, people asking if the weather was bad ?

I sometimes like to use a bronzer in Winter but in Summer I like to have a nice warm glow so I will use a body moisturiser with tan in it or an after sun with similar.

I was recently sent Fake Bake Face Anti-Ageing Self Tan Lotion to try.

This is innovative as it combines tanning with anti-ageing using an ingredient called Apple Stem Cell. Which apparently will aid in preserving and repairing the cells of the skin for added vitality and a more youthful look. All sounds good to me! It also has added botanicals which will hydrate the skin and contains no parabens.

The bottle is attractive, white with silver and designed with a handy non-messy pump action system. The product comes out as a dark brown liquid which can look a bit scary

The scent I am not too keen on (salty smelling) but it disappears almost immediately. Instructions are to use it after using the Fake Bake Bamboo Buffing polish to promote an even colour. I used my Organic Surge Skin Perfecting Polish instead. Apply and leave on overnight, rinsing off in the morning. Then use daily as a make-up until you have obtained your desired colour.

The product is beautifully sheer and incredibly light.

This is a really nice formula, blends in easily and is non greasy, when used before make-up it provides a lovely radiant glow.

I found that one night application and 2 day time applications were enough to give me  my desired colour and here is the result. I used the bronzer New -ID i-bronze in Rio pictured above with the Fake Bake to highlight. The marbled effect bronzer has bits of pinks and silver swirling through it for a really nice highlighting effect as well as the usual bronze shades.

I am really pleased with the Fake Bake Face Platinum, I am looking forward to discovering more about the body products.

For more information visit the Fake Bake website -


  1. You look fab hun, like you've had a weekend away, it's a very natural colour and has a very healthy glow too. Jude xx @jadlgw


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